The Story of.....Why The Battle Is Never Over

Once upon a time, There lived a girl who was bubbling with emotions and strong opinions.  Wherever she looked, and she looked hard, Nobody really seemed to understand why she seemed to feel as strongly as she did. They always seemed to see her as a rebel without a cause. The girl however always said one day, you shall see, why the battle is never over!
All she wanted was for somebody to look at her and say Yes! I too have felt this way! I too have yearned for the day when we all walk equal unfettered by the shackles of societal expectations, I too have felt enraged at the injustice of it all, where one can't love who they truly want to love, one can't be who they really want to be. I understand the battle is never over!

She decided reality was unfair, it was complacent in everyone's despair So she turned to something bigger, something more idealistic where no matter how big the struggle, the ending would always end up happy The media showed her all kinds of stories, some …

The Story of.....Celebrity Crushes (Just Why Do We Have Them?)

You look into his wide blue eyes and swoon. He smiles his mischievous smile and whispers in your ear: "You look so beautiful, none of the statuesque women I've worked with possibly compare to your homely round face." You smile genially as you take his hand and say "Oh, Jake, you flatter me. Now, let's go to the academy awards." Then you waltz in with your handsome hubby as the voice booms: "Introducing Mr and Mrs Gyllenhaal".
And with that embarrassing daydream you jolt back to reality, the cold harsh reality where you're still a forever single college freshman and clearly not married to one of the hottest stars in Hollywood.
Ah, celebrity crushes. Where would we be without them? Probably doing a lot more productive things but whatever.

So the basic assumption is that we have celebrity crushes because they symbolize the unattainable. They are these inexplicably gorgeous, talented, hilarious people that you watch on screen and then you go goog…

The Story of.....The Journey Ahead

Ah finally, the dreaded day has arrived bringing along with it a flood of results and rush of gratification. You've done it! You're finally out of school and out into the world, now no one can stop you, the whole world's your oyster, you are an adult......except now the question arises...What next?
Here's a few questions to ask yourselves during the long sabbatical where you're basically floating between the worlds of school and college and have no clue what lies ahead.
1) How were your results according to you?
The first few days after you get your results will be filled with relatives, friends and random acquaintances crawling out of the woodwork, asking you how you did. Now if you did great, then great! You will be showered with gifts and congratulations, not to mention the perks of the envious glances of your younger cousins who will now be constantly told to follow your example. But if you didnt do great either by your own standard or by the arbitrary standar…

The Story of.....Every Romantic Who Has Ever Loved

"Once upon a time, there was a wee young lass no more than 3 or 4,
she was blessed with a happy home, pretty dolls and more,
but what she yearned for more than anything,
was for a prince who could make her heart sing
She daydreamed of a man mounting a white horse, dressed in noble attire, who would jump through metaphorical hoops of fire, he would kneel down on one knee, gaze into her eyes and say:  Marry me?'

Alright okay, stop the eye-rolling, clearly I'm not a poet. But it only seems befitting to write this considering the poetic nature of romance, the topic of today's post.
If you've known me for a long time or even a relatively short time, you would know that I am a romantic. I always have been. That poem was not a work of fiction, it is based on my real life, okay my fantasy life, damn. As long as I have lived, I have believed that one day, a man in a tuxedo, riding a white horse, amidst green pastures, underneath a starlit sky would propose to me. I had the ring and …

The Story of.....the Perils of Being an Overachiever

We  had all gathered around the dining table, it was about 8 in the morning. My dad started calculating the percentage while my mother and sister frantically asked "did she do it?" Before he could say anything, I could sense the sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach, I hadn't done it. I hadn't achieved what I had been working for, for 2 whole years. I hadn't topped my year, like everyone thought I would.
I had always been an overachiever. It was the disadvantage to being the baby of the family. You constantly felt you had to prove yourself to measure up against the illustrious older members of the family. It was also the disadvantage to being a perfectionist. Everything you had to do had to be JUST perfect.

In the Indian curriculum, you have a choice between three streams of subjects to concentrate on. My love for English and the social sciences meant that the humanities was my first choice. My parents were supportive as long as I promised to excel in whateve…

The Story of.....the Introvert-Extrovert Fallacy

You see her sitting in all her mysterious glory and wonder what secrets lie in that head of hers, why is she so quiet? Has she got beaten down? Worn out by the world's cruel ways? Does she fear that her voice won't matter?
Okay slow down there dear Romeo, let's place your Juliet in another scene, surrounded by her best friends.
You now see her in a peal of laughter, her chirpy voice dominating the conversation. She is vivid, bubbly and exciting, almost like an open book. What happened to the mysterious introvert you had seen? How in the world did she get transformed into this chatty Kathy who doesn't let anyone get a word in edgewise?
Alright settle down, I'm here to break down the fallacy of the introvert-extrovert criteria that has been used to categorize the world's population since the advent of personality psychology.
There is no such thing as a true introvert or a true extrovert. That introverted dude who caught your eye because he's such a good list…